test1 Hey TEFLUSA! Well I'm here in Gimhae and I love, love, love it. Charlie and his wife (who is actually the director and Charlie is "Chally" who had emailed me and interviewed me...it all makes sense now:-) are really wonderful and helpful. The school doesn't actually open until March. This week they are having free promo classes to hopefully get many students from Feb and I am not exactly sure, but so far it's great! I don't have internet yet in my apartment, but when I do, I'll write a nice little testimonialyou're your website because I'm SOOOOOOO happy with the TEFL course and especially the placement that you did for me at this school! You and your staff have been GREAT:-) Thanks again for introducing me to some of the other TEFL teachers that you placed in the area and I already met Joseph!

Erica O'Rourke-Gimhae, S. Korea

test1 Thank you TEFLUSA.com for helping me obtain my 120 Hour TEFL certification and finding me such a great job in Korea! I just wanted to say thanks again for all of your amazing help! I've been talking with my friend Tim, and he seems pretty excited about getting TEFL certified through you and possibly teaching in Korea! He really is a great guy, and would make a brilliant teacher over here. I hope you find him someplace as nice as you found for me! The school is great. You're welcome to use anything I've said of course. I've got the best set-up of anyone I've met here...which is of course why I recommended your TEFL program so strongly to Tim.

Thanks again for your amazing help!

Lucas S. Petite, Wonju City, Gangwondo, S. Korea

test1 I'm so sorry I've been such a delinquent about getting back to you. I apologize. Things are going really well and Im really happy about getting TEFL certified through your program and getting placed here in Cheongju Korea. Cheongju and the school have been a really good fit for me. Stanley, the director, is a good guy, and I'm more aware of this after hearing some horror stories from other people about how their directors have yanked them around. I have a couple buddies who have not had the best of luck with that, so I'm glad you set me up with a trustworthy director with an easy teaching system. I've made some really great contacts by now, almost 5 months into the contract. I am learning traditional Korean pottery from a master potter who has invited me to join him and the tea club (a bunch of older men who like to sample traditional teas and have ceremonies) to a Temple Stay to learn how to properly prepare ancient ceremonial teas. It should be fun. I play for the Cheongju Tigers, a soccer team comprised mostly of foreigners, and I've gathered some good friends from that. I go to the Korean language class at the YMCA on Saturdays (not the ones after certain Friday nights), and I'm starting to get somewhat comfortable with the language. Anyway, I'm doing well, and I will be sure to send several of my friends your way for certification and placement here in Korea

Tim Stewart, Cheonju City, Gangwondo

test1 Hey TEFLUSA.com, Sorry for the delayed response. I'm finally feeling settled here. I really like the school, and the teachers are great. The teaching is very organized and I don't get bored since we use a wide variety of books. Lesson planning doesn't take much extra time, although I like to enhance my lessons by using video, games and group projects. Communication is good from the principal and the other Korean teachers. The elementary school kids performed for their parents today, and tomorrow the older ones will do Christmas carol dances. My apartment is great, and close to school. I even joined at nearby gym. I'll try to send a picture with me and the kids soon. The TEFL course has really helped me to be a better ESL teacher and I'm using what I learned and I can see such improvements in my students and Im happy knowing Im making an extra 200,000KW more per month than if I was not TEFL certified, sweet!!!

Christine Lenihan

test1 Hi TEFLUSA,
Thanks for getting me to Korea after I finished my TEFL certificate! Im half way done here in Korea, so I figured I should send you a much deserved testimonial! :) "I highly recommend TEFLUSA for their TEFL courses because it landed me a great job in South Korea and I got about $200 more a month because of being TEFL certified. The TEFLUSA tutors were extremely informative and were always quick to respond to me when I had a question. It's definitely worth your time to read through all of the material in the course a few times because you will really get to use it from day one teaching ESL. After I completed my TEFL course they placed me in an academy in S. Korea that I love. They never took more than an hour to email me back answers to any questions I had. There was a time that I wasn't sure about coming to Korea and they were patient and understanding. Their expertise gave me the confidence I needed to move across the world! Now, I love it here. Thanks TEFLUSA!"

Sarah Snyder

test1 Hi TEFLUSA Staff,
Just wanted to check in and let you all know how things were going. It's been busy, but I've been having a great time. I really like the school and the area I'm living in (Anyang City) and it's so easy to get to Seoul if I feel like doing something different. The Korean teachers I work with have been extremely nice and helpful with the students. Since the classes are small, I've really enjoyed getting to know the students as well. Thank you for all your help with getting me TEFL certified, finding a great school and getting me here. I'll be in touch soon!

Emily Lenox

test1 Dear TEFLUSA,
I just received your package with my TEFL certificate and everything looks fantastic. Thank you so much for your help these past months and even more for your letters of recommendation. I didn't expect those compliments in the package but it is most appreciated and I will certainly utilize them. I wish you and your business the very best and I will wholeheartedly recommend you and your services to anyone looking to teach overseas or looking to get TEFL certified. Thanks again!

Tony Tran

Working with you and being placed in Korea has been phenomenal and I really treasure and value this experience. We were contracted out to two different schools - one is a by-the-book elementary level hagwon and the other is a Montessori kindergarten. I opted to live in Hopyeong-dong in the same apartment as Sami as opposed to in Seoul proper by myself, so I do about 2 hours average of travel to and from school a day, but I really don't mind because we get to live close to each other. I've really had fun living here and if you'd like photos for my testimonial, you can raid my Korea albums on Facebook for them. I will be taking more in the near future and thanks for all your help.

Katie Parker