There are a plethora of ways one can earn their TEFL / TESOL Certificate: 1) university programs (lengthy), 2) stateside TEFL schools (expensive), 3) schools abroad (not always practical), and 4) the 120 Hour TEFL Correspondence Course.

The 150 and 120 Hour TEFL Correspondence Courses are most appropriate for those:
  *investing less money
   *needing less supervision
   *wishing to study at their own pace.
   *working while studying
   *not in school recently
   *choosing not to travel to a distant school location
   *preferring not to study in a traditional classroom setting

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The 100 Hour TEFL Course

The 100 Hour TEFL Course offers all of the same benefits of the 120 hour course, but meets the bare minimum qualification to be internationally recognized with 100 hours of TEFL course work and six hours of teaching practicum (except Korea requires 120 hours). This course is designed for the teachers who want to have an internationally recognized TEFL certificate, but want to do so with the least initial outlay of funds. This course will give a basic understanding of how to teach ESL and will be a great benefit to all new ESL teachers.


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20/40/50 Hour CTBE & CTEYL

In recent years many employers in Korea have been looking for teachers with more specialist teaching skills in addition to standard TEFL/TESOL certificate training. We have realized that a lot of our teachers wish to specialize in teaching different types of students and get paid more to do so. As a result TEIK has developed additional online courses that target teachers wishing to teach English either to younger learners or business people.


read more is authorized to give CEU's to certified teachers

Teflusa is authorized to give teachers CEU's (continuing education units) to certified teachers that count towards keeping ones teaching license current. These CEU's are essential in the upkeep in maintaining ones teaching license valid and are a fun way to do so.


The 150/120 or 100 Hour TEFL Certification Course will help your career

Taking a TEFL certificate course provides you with a wonderful opportunity to teach English all over the world, travel and work around the globe increasing your knowledge and life experience and learn about distant cultures and languages. You will have an amazing opportunity to make an adventures career in teaching living and working overseas with an internationally recognized TEFL certificate. You need no previous teaching experience or specialist qualifications to make this dream a reality; however you just must be fluent in English.