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$4999+tax 120 hour TESOL Weekend Course At Sejong University Seoul
$2549+tax 175 hour TEFL Master Course w/TEFL Tutor & 50 Hour CTBE Course
$1449+tax 150/hr TEFL Master Course w/50/hr Specialty Course
$399+tax 120 Hour TEFL & 50 Hour Specialty Course
$299+tax 120 hour TEFL Professional Course
$269+tax 100 Hour TEFL Certificate
$149+tax 60 Hour CTBE & CTEYL Specialty Certifications
$139+tax 40 Hour CTBE & CTEYL Specialty Certifications
$129+tax 20 Hour CTBE & CTEYL Specialty Certifications

TEFL Course Descriptions

175 hour TEFL Master Course w/TEFL Tutor is $549, the 120 Hour TEFL correspondence course: $299 & the 100 Hour TEFL correspondence course is $269 plus tax. There are several ways you can earn your TEFL Certificate, such as by registering for a university program, which can be very expensive and lengthy; stateside TEFL schools, which can be expensive; TEFL schools abroad, which is not always practical; on-line TEFL programs, like the TEFL professional course, which is a great option for those who want an interactive on-line course, but for those who want the same qualification, but want to only spend half the money then the distance TEFL Course is for you. The distance course is most appropriate for those who want to get a certified 175/150/120/100/50 hour TEFL Certification at their own pace and who: 1) want to invest less money [50%-70% cheaper than on-line courses] 2) need less supervision 3) want to study at their own pace 4) want to work while studying 5) has not been in school recently or who are currently in school 6) who do not want to travel to a distant school location to take a course & 7) prefer not to study in a traditional classroom setting.

For more information about registering please email us at and we will schedule a time to speak with one of our representatives.

The class is typically 175/150/120/100 hours of reading, quizzes, homework and papers. This can be finished as fast as 1 month but on average students finish this course within 3 months, but there is no time limit on completing this course. 20 hours of the 175/150/120/100 Hour courses are a practicum requirement that can be completed by volunteer teaching at a school, church or an ESL school. If you are currently teaching ESL, the practicum requirement can be waived. If you are placed at one of our partner schools in Korea, then we can count your first 20 hours of teaching as your practicum requirement.

Tuition: $ 549 [Note: Payment plan is only possible with the 175 Hour Correspondence Course. A $300 first payment is due at registration and another payment of the remainingbalance is due one month from the day you register for the course. When the 10th module is turned in graded then assesed and if a passing grade has been acheived then the certificate is then awarded. Discounts can not be applied to the tuition if one uses the payment plan option. A $50 discount can be applied to the tuition payment plan if one is placed in Korea through one of's affiliates or if you register with a friend.

Course Description: Students will be trained to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Most of the work is automated tests and quizzes with a smaller component of term papers graded and reviewed by your TEFL Tutor. This course is a great holistic course designed for those who want to be TEFL certified at half the cost of most on-line programs.



The four cornerstones of language learning will be covered: speaking, listening, reading and writing. It covers the basics of language methodology, linguistics, phonetics and grammar. Teaching skills of lesson planning, curriculum development, classroom management skills, personality and language assessments are covered.



Participation and Attendance:There is no specific meeting time for this course. You may email your assignments to the instructor any time day or night. Your instructor will grade and return your assignment within five business days.



Course Overview:This course is designed to provide you with quality coursework and experiences which will aid you in developing and awareness and mastering teaching skills for the EFL/ESL classroom.

Written Assignments:For each written assignment, you will read the assignment in Course Material as you complete the module, or in the Assignments Area. Complete the assignment and email it to your instructor. Though the assignments are not due at any specific time, you may only submit assignments for one Module at a time. Try to develop a schedule for yourself to give equal time to the materials and assignments in each module. If you do so, you will get more out of the course.

Course Syllabus: 175/150/120/100 Hour TEFL Course

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