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It offers most of the same benefits of the 150 & 120 hour courses, but meets the bare minimum qualification to be internationally recognized with 100 hours of TEFL course work and six hours of teaching practicum. This course is designed for the teachers who want to have an internationally recognized TEFL certificate (except Korea requires 120 hour TEFL Course), but want to do so with the least initial outlay of funds. This course will give a basic understanding of how to teach ESL and will be a great benefit to all new ESL teachers. However, taking the 150 or 120 hour tefl courses are looked at better by employers and often can lead to higher pay than a 100 hour course, so they are normally more advantageous to enroll in.read more


In recent years many employers in Korea have been looking for teachers with more specialist teaching skills in addition to standard TEFL/TESOL certificate training. We have realized that a lot of our teachers wish to specialize in teaching different types of students and get paid more to do so. As a result TEIK has developed additional online courses that target teachers wishing to teach English either to younger learners or business people.read more


Teflusa.com is a professional TEFL training organization dedicated to raising standards of teaching and professionalism in the field of ESL. We are the market leader in providing high quality, value for money courses along with all possible support and job placement. No other TEFL company can offer the same variety of services at a better value.


Teflusa.com provides internationally recognized TEFL certificate courses and CEU's (continuing education units to certified teachers) and helps place teflusa.com TEFL graduates in a wide variety of exotic and interesting locations. Our 150/120/100/50 hour TEFL correspondence courses meet all international standards and are externally validated and moderated by the BOAA (Board of Academic Advisors). You can be assured of the highest standards and quality wherever and whenever you take our course.


Having obtained TEFL certification from an organization such as teflusa.com, language schools can see that you have attended a reputable TEFL course (150/120/100/50 Hour) which includes 20 hours observed and constructively critiqued teaching practice (6 hours is standard), that you have completed the various course projects and assignments, that your English teaching is of a good standard and that you have shown an ability to adapt to a foreign culture or environment.

If you plan to teach English overseas it is therefore to the benefit for your English language students, your confidence and your own employment prospects that you gain appropriate training from an organization such as teflusa.com.