The Alternative to Expensive University or Traditional Classes

There are a plethora of ways one can earn their TEFL Certificate:
1) university programs (lengthy), 2) stateside TEFL schools (expensive), 3) schools abroad (not always practical), and 4) the 120/100 Hour TEFL Correspondence Course.

The 150/120/100/50 Hour TEFL Correspondence Course is most appropriate for those:
* investing less money
* needing less supervision
* wishing to study at their own pace.
* working while studying
* not in school recently
* choosing not to travel to a distant school location
* preferring not to study in a traditional classroom setting

The 150/120/100/50 Hour TEFL Correspondence Courses originated in 1997 at the LIKE English School, Seoul, S. Korea, written by Bradley S. Brennan, MBA, BAE (Secondary Education), BA (Sociology) TEFL Certified. Brennan is the Director for and also the managing Director of

20 Hours Teaching Practicum in your own community or abroad, is required on the distance course. We will help you arrange your teaching-practice sessions with a local organization that assists immigrants, refugees, foreign students or help to place you in a teaching position.

Our trainers, each holding a MA degree, usually in TESL, TESOL, English or Education, guide you through the lessons through feedback and coursework grading and closely monitor your progress. The modular training is as much interactive as it is independent study. The course is as interactive as you make it because you have unlimited electronic access to your instructor, therefore "distance" is not specified on your TEFL Certificate.

Course completion can be done in four to six weeks if you are not working, and the course is given a full-time effort. If you are working full-time or a full time student, it is possible to complete the course in as little as ten weeks, although most students take longer. You are not required to complete the distance program within a given timeframe from your start date. This provides a solid structure for the student and facilitates ongoing communication between student and instructor at ones own pace.

As a graduate of this course, you can rely on for job guidance, general assistance, and future contacts to insure your success in the ESL field.
Your lessons will be sent in five emails, four of which will require teaching-practice sessions with work to be completed and turned in for grading.

As each section is completed, you are required to return it to your instructor. The instructor will review and comment on your work and return it (all coursework will be returned at the same time by mail) and your next lesson assignments will be emailed to you. The section assignments consist of writing lesson plans, objective questions based on the section's assigned reading, and actual teaching-practice. Once your instructor receives your completed assignment, it will be reviewed within five business days.

There is one book referenced during the course. It is used as a resource, rather than something that is read straight through and it is not required to purchase. There are several additional reading assignments that are provided with the relevant lesson packet that complement whatever is being studied. There are comprehensive questions at the end of each of each of the lesson packets.

At least twenty student teaching hours are required (approximately five sessions). The average TEFL course only requires 6 hours of practicum, but we feel it is the most important part of TEFL training and it is the practice and the implementation of what you have been learning that matters most in your future ESL teaching career. If you finish your course after you have started teaching at an ESL school, the 20 hours of practicum can be waived, so ask us for details.

The curriculum was written to encourage independent thinking and teacher creativity. There are very few assignments that simply require a yes/no answer or the repeating back of information that has just been read. Most of the assignments require the student to do a little research and lay out their findings and then express them.

Fees Tuition 150 Hour w/Tutor $549,120 Hour $299 & 100 Hour $249 plus no Application Fee (Many programs charge $50-$75 for an application fee).
Register with a friend and receive an additional $50 off both of your tuition.

The 150/120/100/50 Hour TEFL Correspondence course by email program may be started at any time and can be finished at your own pace without any time limit.
Register with a friend and receive an additional $50 off both of your tuition.

The 120/100/50 Hour TEFL Correspondence course by email program may be started at any time and can be finished at your own pace without any time limit.