TEFL Certification Course Checklist


Important features to look for when selecting an internationally recognized TEFL course are:

Does the course:

  • Meet international standards for the regulation of acceptable English language teaching certification
  • Include one hundred or more hours of training and input
  • Have 6 hours or more of observed teaching practice with genuine students of English
  • Include input sessions that cover teaching skills, classroom management, language awareness (grammar), phonology and how to apply, prepare and teach these skills effectively
  • Assess trainees continually during the course through projects, assignments, teaching practice and also include an end of course exam
  • Have every course moderated and inspected by an independent teaching body or professional
  • Meet the approval and recognition of respected independent professional bodies and individuals
  • Update its input to reflect developments in language teaching
  • Offer a certificate at the end of the course that is valued and internationally recognized

The teflusa.com teaching program is one of the few courses that meet all of the above criteria.